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Dental Plan



U.S.A+ stands for United Service Association for Healthcare.  They are a non profit organization similar to AARP.  This means members acting together exercise group buying power allowing them to access insurance benefits.  The flagship product of the membership is the Ameritas Group Dental PPO plan. It's one of the only PPO plans without waiting periods.  


There is a $70 annual deductible, but the annual max benefit is $2,500 compared to traditional plans at $1,000 - $1,500.  Additionally, if your annual claims do not exceed $500, they will allow you to carry over a portion of your unused benefits to your annual max for the next year.  Over time your annual max could build to $3,500.  They also reward you if you see a dentist every year by increasing your coverage from years 1 to 3, as follows:

Dental Plans

Choose any dentist nationwide or select from over 400,000 providers.  Here's the link to the online provider directory (Select the "Classic PPO" network.) 


USA+ members also receive the following additional benefits:


  • VSP Vision that covers 1 free annual exam with a VSP provider.

  • Accident dental expense coverage - Pays up to $2,000 for dental expenses resulting from injury due to an accident.

  • In the event of job loss, your membership dues are waived for up to 3 months.

  • Legal consultation - Provides 30 minutes per month of office legal consultation with a participating attorney, including free preparation of a will and a 25% discount on representation for various other legal matters.


There are other benefits included that are listed in the membership details.    


Once you enrol, your plan benefits and coverage start the next day.  You do not have to wait until Open Enrollment for a January 1st effective date. 


CLICK HERE to complete the online enrollment and e-signature. If you would like to add any loved ones or dependents, please ensure you have included their information on the application.

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