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Find Doctors

With all the health care reform changes, one of the most challenging tasks is trying to navigate the various carrier's online provider directories. Let us save you time and frustration with the following helpful links and tips.

  • Aliera - Aliera uses the MultiPlan PHCS PPO Network.  Click "Select Network" then choose "PHCS" then select "I don't see any of these statements" then "Front" for logo.

  • Blue Shield (This takes you to Blue Shield's general provider search, which will ask you to either login as a member or choose from several plans.)

  • PPO (This takes you specifically to Blue Shield's Individual & Family PPO provider search.)

  • HMO Trio (This takes you specifically to Blue Shield's Individual & Family HMO ACO Trio provider search.)

  • Blue Shield Search Tips: 

    • First, try to Google the doctor's name for the correct spelling.

    • If you are searching for a specific doctor's name, enter the last name only. 

    • Make sure you don't have any additional spaces after the last name because that will sometimes prevent someone from showing up (this can happen especially if you are copying and pasting the name.)

    • You can also search by provider type within a specific zip code range.

  • Oscar

  • LA Care

  • Health Net: Health Net Search Tips: 

    • Health Net has several different plans, which can make their provider search process very confusing.

    • First, make sure to select the correct plan year you are considering coverage for.

    • It is best to filter by provider's name within a 5-10 mile radius of their zip code. Searches beyond 10 miles can cause their search engine to freeze up.

    • Enter the correct spelling of the provider's last name and hit continue. You may need to Google their name first for correct spelling and zip code. If it's a common last name you may need to enter the full name.

    • If the provider is in Health Net's network, you will see their name show up. Scroll down and click "View Details" below their name to find out which plans they are in-network with.

    • Click "Select a Plan" to see all the available plans. 

    • Look specifically at the plan names under the heading "Plans available as of 1/1/2018 - Standard Medical Plans."

  • Feel free to send us a message if you have any questions.

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